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The sages of the Heavenly Dao Realm in front of them are also wounded and disabled. Best otc viagra alternative How can they fight again However how to locate prostate, he saw Su Hang directly soaring into the air, on the top of Kunlun Mountain, with the big fairy stick in his hand directly hitting the ground.Everyone looked up, and when they were wondering what Su Hang wanted to do, they saw Su Hang s face become cold, and the infinite coercion was pressing everywhere, and he shouted loudly My Pangu clan Su Hang, now orders all the saints under Taihuang Mountain and other territories to withdraw from the Xuanhuang Realm.If you do not retreat within three days, if you violate the order, you will be killed After a word, the voice was with supreme majesty., Billowing surging, swept across the four fields, crushing clouds and mist in all directions, full of domineering.If you don t fight anymore, Suhang doesn t want to fight anymore.If you continue to fight, it will only increase casualties.Therefore, now Suhang only wants these forces to retire from the Profound Yellow Realm.He can choose to forget the past Huh, what a big tone Let me see, who is clamoring here Not long after Su Hang s voice fell, several voices came from a distance.Everyone saw seven or eight out of the sky.
Unfortunately thunderbull male enhancement, the future generations are disgraceful, just like you are now, thinking that no one can take the treasure. Get blue chew , He easily took the Xu people away, but unfortunately, the stick treasure was taken away later, and it was too late to cry.Thinking about it, it was so similar to the scene in front of you The old turtle was stagnant when he heard the words, and Su Hang obviously had something in his words., This is telling the turtle that he will really take the treasure stick away.His face twitched slightly, and the old turtle gave a dry smile, and said to Su Hangdao, You just have to try it With these words, the old turtle was sneered in his heart, how can your novice Dao Qi Compared with my big fairy stick, I am afraid that even if ten of you come, you may not be able to take it away.You know, if the treasure is easy to take, he would have taken it for private use.Can he wait for you to come Su Hang stared at the old turtle, with a playful smile on his face, Then you have to keep your eyes open Facing Su Hang s eyes, the old turtle swallowed, obviously in his heart.There was so little bottom, opened his mouth, and wanted to say something, but now it was difficult to ride a tiger, and he nodded.
Can I call you Brother Su Pan Lin said. Alabama blue gum Like a chatter male organ, Su Hang took Su Hang to a villa in the palace, the appearance of the coming and going can make many palace people ridicule, making Su Hang a little uncomfortable with him.Brother Su, wait here first, I ll go in and report to the ancestors Pan Lin asked Su Hang to stand outside the courtyard, then raised his leg and walked into the courtyard.Standing outside the courtyard, Su Hang felt a little nervous in his heart.What is the existence of the people in this courtyard Chapter 2518 is here, brother Xiao Linzi You little thing, why do you dress so chic today Come here, let the ancestor take a closer look Oh my god, coke to death There was a big laugh in the yard, it was a woman.Su Hang couldn t help but feel a bit cold.This voice was obviously not from Ao Xue, but it sounded a bit familiar.After a while, Pan Lin walked out of the yard, his face turned redder, apparently just having some embarrassment in the yard Brother Su, the ancestors let you in Pan Lin suddenly became a little shy, like a big girl.Obviously he also knew that Su Hang must have heard the conversation in the yard when he was outside just now.Thanks for your hard work Su Hang stretched out his hand and patted Panlin on the shoulder, then walked into the courtyard a little nervously When he stepped into the yard, Su Hang suddenly had a bad feeling.
Like a jujube no2 boost male enhancement, I looked carefully at that branch and under a leaf on the top of the tree, Su Hang saw a fruit. X1 male enhancement The fruit was golden and golden, and it looked like a light bulb.It was about the size of a palm, and it was still faintly light.Across the distance, Su Hang smelled a faint fragrance.The fragrance is a bit like osmanthus, but also a bit like orchid Su Hang had some vision, but he didn t know what kind of tree it was or what kind of fruit it was.On the huge tree, there was such a fruit, the leaves trembling gently, and the chaotic air surging continuously, slowly converging towards the tree, the tree seemed to be breathing.I scanned it with the Xueshen system, but there was no information about this tree.Su Hang couldn t help being a little surprised.It s hard to say that this tree also has the realm of a great road.Looking at the fruit, Su Hang didn t dare to act rashly.In case the tree was conscious, he might not have been able to do it.Think about it, that giant beast Chaos didn t come to fetch it by himself, but let him come.There must be a reason for this, and there must be something strange in it But the giant beast Chaos was waiting nearby, and Su Hang did not dare to return empty handed At the moment, Su Hang said to the tree, Senior, kid Su Hang, lend you a fruit today, and it will be doubled back in the future The voice fell, Su Hang waited for a while, but saw that the tree did not respond.
Su Hang said directly. Knight rider pills When Haotian heard the words natural supplement for male libido, his face was embarrassed, But those spirit grass and fairy fruits are growing in the garden, and the disciples can t bring them Su Hang listened, and turned to Hongjun, Then Haotian will take it.Let me take a look What do you think Hongjun helplessly, I know the spirit grass and fairy fruit in the garden.Don t worry, I won t steal you.You can continue preaching to these dolls later.I ll look for you again.Su Hang got up directly, let Haotian lead him, and went to the medicine garden.Hongjun looked straight and shook his head.The medicine garden of Zixiao Palace is definitely the topmost in the entire Xuanhuangyu, even if it is just the most common grass, as long as it can survive in the chaos, soak in the chaos, and absorb the chaos for a living, then Destined to be extraordinary, it is by no means comparable to ordinary spirit grass.Hongjun s medicine garden is even more unique.It looks like a small garden on the outside, but when you step into the gate of the medicine garden, there is another world inside.The chaotic air in the garden is not as violent outside, on the contrary, it is very gentle, and its concentration is many times more pure than the outside world.

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